Door Restoration
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Bartel Security Doors can bring an old steel door back to life and save you the time and money on purchasing a new door. If you have a steel door then you have already invested on the best possible security for your door so why not give it a makeover. Bartel can transform your old tired door back to its original glory or if not better. The door is removed and taken through a few processes of restoration listed below to give you an idea of the standards we use to bring your door back from the dead.

  • Remove old mesh, lock and closer
  • Burn off and sandblast original powder coat finish (paint)
  • Weld and fix any imperfections on the door (i.e. strips, hinges, kick plates)
  • Zinc plate or Galvanize (depending on environment) for optimum rust protection
  • Re-paint the door to a selection of over 85 colours (great if you are also changing your colour scheme of your house)
  • Re-mesh door to new requirements
  • Replace door with new lock and closer
  • Finally re-install the door

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Door Restoration