About Us

We do High Quality Security Doors in Melbourne!

Whether you need to protect your residential, commercial or industrial property, you require a service that is reliable and of a very high standard. We’ve been in the business for close to 35 years and can offer the best security doors in Melbourne for the western, northern and eastern suburbs. We’re a proudly Australian run company and our origins first began with the lack of quality products within the industry and a regular Aussie bloke looking to protect his family. These core values which shaped us in the beginning still define us today and we’re committed to offering a range of high standard products to help keep Australians safe.

Who we offer our services to

Gone are the days when our managing director, Barry Ashcroft, was making security doors for family and friends back in his shed at home. Today, we’ve accumulated 20 plus years servicing the commercial sector by creating security solutions for businesses and industrial properties in the northern, eastern and western suburbs. We’ve established ourselves as a market leader who’s committed to providing the best customer service and reliable products which have proven to live up to their word.

Expert security solutions

We have a range of products which can suit all your Melbourne home or business needs within the northern suburbs. Offering a number of different custom made security, screens, doors and windows, we have the experience and the industry knowledge to help advise you for all your safety requirements. We’re also qualified to conduct any repairs or maintenance you may require for the eastern suburbs and can complete all installation needs quickly and professionally.

Steel doors are second to none

Whilst slightly dearer, our security doors in the Melbourne western suburbs offer a level of protection that their aluminium and timber counterparts simply cannot compete with. Not only will you be offering a greater degree of safety for your family, but you’ll also be acquiring a reliable asset for your property which will stand up to the elements and be immune to damages brought on from termites and fire.